Karen Jewell


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28 August, 2015 17:56

Our blogs highlight our work, as well as what we do and what we are passionate about on the weekends.

My passions are family, friends and a construction ministry named Fuller Center for Housing. Our Central Florida Chapter rehabs homes for people who are unable to do work themselves. We do the work necessary for homeowners to live once again comfortably and happily in their homes without worry of rain coming through the roof or holes in the walls. Our real fun is to go to a blitz build and build a home in a week – from slab to paint on the walls in five to six days, turning an empty block into a family-friendly neighborhood.

About Karen

Easily the most important person at &Barr, Karen is the first smiling face you see when you walk through our doors and the equally smiley voice you hear when you give us a call. As our receptionist, she’s instrumental in setting the tone of the agency, greeting every client, each guest and the many random people asking for directions. Beyond being our outside world liaison, Karen is also the Keeper of Things. She’s the one to go to when you need just about anything, from power strips to aspirin to dog treats to you name it. And if there’s something you need that you can’t find, Karen will get it. Plus, having worked at the agency as the Executive Assistant to Pete Barr, Sr. and then Pete Barr, Jr., she definitely knows where all the proverbial bodies are buried, but sadly isn’t saying. When not womanning the front desk, Karen and her beau are tending to their apiary and producing the tastiest honey in Central Florida. No doubt the bees love her as much as we do.